Feb, 06 2023

The World in Color: Exploring Art, Nature, and Life Through Painting

The World in Color: Exploring Art, Nature, and Life Through Painting

Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my blog. I am passionate about painting. This blog will be a space for me to explore all of the things that inspire me—from painting and art, to nature and life. If you are an artist or art lover, grab a cup of coffee (or tea!) and settle in, because we have a lot to discuss!

Whether you are an experienced painter or someone who has never picked up a brush before, or someone who enjoys admiring art but doesn’t quite know how to articulate “why” you like something—this blog will have something for you. Through my posts, I will talk about what inspires me as an artist as well as my materials and methods.

I also want this blog to be a place where we can explore art history together. From ancient art forms like fresco painting to modern masters like Monet and Picasso, there is so much beauty out there waiting for us. On occasion I will share stories from my visits to museums—from small-town galleries tucked away in rural towns to grand museums in bustling cities with hundreds of years of history behind them.  We will also talk about why oil paint is special and how it lends itself well to creating beautiful works of art, whether it be large-scale pieces that require weeks of work, or quick studies that capture just a glimpse of inspiration.  I can’t claim this will be in any way exhaustive or complete—there is so much more to the art world than what is found in museums and galleries, and historically these institutions have not reflected the wonderful diversity of global art.  Knowing that limitation, I hope you’ll still enjoy this journey with me as we learn along the way.

Finally, no discussion on art would be complete without talking about nature—the ultimate source of my inspiration. From sweeping views out over valleys full of wildflowers below us at sunrise and sunset, sun-dappled lakes reflecting the sky above us during the day time hours, or even just looking up at flurries of snowflakes dancing down from above; there is something magical about being one with nature that always gives me hope for tomorrow.  We’ll talk about plein air painting versus studio work, and we’ll even discuss how we can bring this natural beauty inside by hanging artwork in our homes—and hopefully yours too!

Landscape painting hanging above a bowl of fruit in the kitchen

Whether you are here for tips on how best to hang artwork in your home or hoping for some insight into why oil paints are so special, I hope this blog serves as a source of knowledge, creativity, inspiration…and maybe even fun.  As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out – I look forward to exploring all things related to painting with you!